Zombies, the one thing you can always rely on coming back again and again. Gaming has embraced the shambling undead for almost as long as the medium has existed and World War Z from Saber Interactive has remerged with a new trailer.

Based on the film that was based on a book, World War Z is set to be a 4 player co-operative 3rd person shooter. Think Left 4 Dead on a worldwide scale. Players will be taken to Moscow, New York and Jerusalem as they meet new heroes and fend of the hordes. Also, these zombies are no slowpokes. Instead they tear around the environment, spill through door ways and pile high in an effort to get their teeth into some lovely brains.

The new trailer shows what we can expect from Moscow with wrecked helicopters, crumbling buildings and lots of fun fire. Players will be expected to set up defenses such as fences and mounted machine guns before the swarm attacks. We’ve still to see whether or not this is all we can expect from the gameplay but E3 is just around the corner so we’ll likely find out more in a few weeks.

Here’s the new trailer, let us know what you think in the comments.

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