This December, eight new games will be added to Game Pass. The list of titles include: Ashen, Below, Mortal Kombat X, Spintires: Mud Runner, PES 2019, Pro and the Blind Forest, Shadow Warrior 2, Kingdom Two Crowns and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. These are some great additions and some of them are Xbox console exclusives.

Ashen launched on Friday and is a gorgeous blend of Dark Souls and Journey. Having played a little yesterday, I can’t wait to get stuck in and share my thoughts with everyone.

Below has been another of my most anticipated releases and will be coming on December 14th. This action RPG from Capybara has a stunning pixel art style and again seems to lean heavily on the Dark Souls aesthetic. I can’t wait for next weekend!

Spintires: Mud Runner is an interesting driving simulator where you control a variety heavy vehicles in hazardous terrain. It’s heavy on the physics and something I’ve had my eye on for a while so this could be worth checking out. It’s available from December 13th.

Hellblade, well what can I say. I’ve bought it twice (PS4 and One X) and not only does it look amazing but it has a great story to boot. Following Senua as she struggles with her psychosis after the death of her partner and her family, players will embark on a Norse inspired adventure of discovery. This comes highly recommended! It’s coming December 17th.

Mortal Kombat X is the same old bone crunching, limb shattering, gore laden experience we all enjoy. Not much more to say here other than the X-RAY brutality moments are definitely stomach churning. It’s available now.

Ori and the Blind Forest is an oldie, but a goodie. Gorgeous graphics, difficult platforming and an emotional story make this a delightful package. Pick it up on December 20th.

Shadow Warrior 2 sees the return of Lo Wang and his classic low brow humour. Procedurally generated levels meant I never felt that it was as tight as the original but it’s gory, it’s fast and the gunplay is entertaining. If that tickles your fancy, it’s available from December 20th.

PES 2019 is Konami’s take on the beautiful game. It’ll never have the production values of FIFA but I think it plays a better game of football. If you’ve held off picking up FIFA for whatever reason, now’s your chance to experience something different. It will be available from December 13th.

Kingdom Two Crowns is a microstrategy game where you will work with other players in solo or co-op to build a kingdom capable of stopping The Greed. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about this one but it’s coming December 11th.

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