Earlier in the year Microsoft revealed its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, combining Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass to form one subscription for a bargain price. Over the months gone by this new subscription has been in beta testing, however, today is launch day and this new service has a surprise…. PC Gaming bundled in. That’s right folks, for £10.99 a month, you get Xbox Gold, Xbox Game Pass as well as PC Gold and PC Game Pass, awesome right, we think so!

Just think you can now seamlessly play across both platforms, and what with cross-play becoming more and more popular, there’s no better time to be an Xbox Gamer.

Microsoft also has a special introductory offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for incredibly just £1 for your first month. Should you already be subscribed to Gold or game pass already, then Microsoft are doing a “conversion ration” that upgrades your plan. As a result, you may get a number of Xbox game pass ultimate months in lieu based on how much gold and Xbox Game pass you had left on your account before the merge.

In plain simple terms, below are the current subscriptions Xbox offers: –

  • Xbox Game Pass PC – £4 per month, includes more than 100 PC games
  • Xbox Game Pass Console Games – £7.99 per month, includes more than 100 Xbox games
  • Xbox Live Gold – £6.99 per month, includes access to online multiplayer games
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – £10.49 per month, Xbox Game Pass PC, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass Console Games

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