Will you be the cat, that spoils the fun? Agents vs Villain is a party game from the indie developer Process Games and the game is aimed at local fun, couch play.

Process Games are gamer’s with a vision to create games, that they would love to play. Games that are free of disruptive pay to win options or with in intrusive ads. Their emphasis is on fun.

So with that in mind, gather on the sofa, plug in 3 or 4 controllers, and prepare for some good old competitive play, that will put a big grin on your faces, and leave you laughing, and gloating at the same time.

The story behind the game is of a classic cartoon super villain Cat who has invented and uses time travel to manoeuvre people into doing his evil bidding. With the ultimate goal of “try to take over the world” reminiscent of Pinky and Perky.

Secret spy agencies coordinate having noticed time anomalies. The spy’s form a makeshift alliance to apprehend and put an end to this evil cat’s plan for world domination.

However, there is a huge problem within the makeshift group of would be agents. They all want the glory of tracking this villain down and bringing the evil cat to justice for their own respective agencies.

In Agents vs villain, you need at least 3 players or 4 to get the most out of the game, however with 3 it’s still a lot of fun.

Up to three players play as agents, on a 2D style map, with the object to get to the exit. The other player has the role of Villain the cat. Your role as the villain, is to cause as much chaos as possible on the screen, setting off traps, that will slow down your opponents, or by causing their death.

“It’s fast and furious, with infinite respawns, a fantastic yet simple scoring system.”

The game is played over three rounds, 2 maps, and a good old boss battle, where the agents combine to inflict damage against the villain.

It’s fast and furious, with infinite respawns, a fantastic yet simple scoring system. Agents gain points via reaching the exit first, or by how much damage they caused on the third round, the boss battle. Where as the Villain achieves score with the number of deaths to your foe’s, so ultimately all the players are competing against each over. It’s classic party play at its best.

Agent’s vs Villains has accessibility at its core, its controls are very simplistic, making it the perfect pick up and play game for all ages. The animation graphic style, fast fluidity, emphasis on fun, will make this a great addition for anyone.

The maps are well designed, often comprising of several routes to the main goal, some more challenging then other’s, but thus keeping the player in control of the evil cat on his toes, as he tries to spring his traps, and stop you in your tracks.

There are 8 characters for you to pick from, along with several uniquely themed map areas. The colours are beautifully rich and bright, the soundtrack through the game is perfect for the chaotic fun that is ahead.

I had a blast with this game, so many fun gaming sessions with my family. The perfect couch party title, that will have you giggling, yet staying competitive. It’s hard to put down. The only drawback, really, is local play only.

CX Score
  • 79%
    Overall - 79%



  • Fun
  • Fast and fluid
  • Accessibility


  • Local play only

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