DLC is often the pinnacle for any game to give it a new burst of life, especially when we’re talking about single-player only experiences. Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of potential in terms of future content and with the recent release of the Batgirl DLC – a story told from the female Bat’s perspective, as she teams up with Robin to tackle the Joker and Harley Quinn at an abandoned amusement park. This can either go wrong or right, but which road does it take?

Batgirl is exactly the same as Batman, except she’s missing a few gadgets and with the action taking place on an amusement park Island, there’s no need for the Batmobile this time. Downloadable content is supposed to deliver new gameplay and Batgirl fails to do so. There’s a new storyline and that’s about it. There are no new gadgets or enemy threats presented to you, as all of the enemies are Joker’s thugs. I expected Rocksteady to introduce at least one or two new gadgets in the DLC, especially since you’re not playing as Batman anymore.

The close relationship between Robin and Batgirl remains, whilst still managing to remain professional and sticking to the job. Objectives mostly stick to rescuing captured cops, from an out-of-control ferris wheel to a merry-go-round water trap. The Joker is using the amusement park as a means of his own tricks, toying with Batgirl and Robin and seeing if they can save the hostages. To be brutally honest, it felt more like a Riddler puzzle than a battle against one of deadliest villains.

It also fills time afterwards with finding the toy boxes and walking teeth, which is good to see, but it still doesn’t hide the fact that it’s so short. I think I managed to complete the main objective in about 30-60 minutes, which I probably could have finished sooner if I mastered the combat by now.

If you’ve enjoyed Arkham Knight so far, this DLC is likely to set you back with disappointment. Its shortness doesn’t warrant paying any money for it and the whole Batgirl storyline just seems bland. There just wasn’t enough combat and action and it feels a little rushed. The only praise I have is for the setting of the amusement park, which does have some things of interest to check out.


  • The amusement park setting has some cool attractions


  • Too short
  • A bit bland
  • Disappointing overall

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