(Review written by IM Dave Angel)

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is the efforts of a single developer, Tomas Sala.  We know his earlier work in ‘The Falconeer’ and it shares a same graphic style as well as the same universe. Both games take place over the Ursee, an archipelago that brings a feeling of isolation which matches the backstory perfectly. The skies are generally stormy, the seas are dark, ominous and the hues are beautifully kaleidoscopic.

So how do you describe Bulwark:  Falconeer chronicles in a few words?

Bulwark: Falconeer chronicles is a gentle approach to the open world base builder, with total creative freedom its focus. Small towers link to wood mills and stone quarries via the use of walkways, which in turn allows your base to grow both outwards and upwards. Resource management and trade allow you to expand your horizons as well as your bases.

In the beginning, there was a tutorial…

Players start a small base, they add resources and the next thing you know you have built sprawling towns, with command spires piercing into the sky.  There is a trading and resource management element to this game also, which controls the size and scope of the bases you are able to build.


Bulwark doesn’t control like other city-builders. It feels as though the control system has been designed with the controller as its focus, but it does feel a little awkward and stiff in use.  However, some design decisions, such as selecting buildings or interacting with other factions, feel less smooth than they could.

Resource and Trade Management

Resource management plays a crucial role in Bulwark. You’ll need prospect with your airship to find and gather materials, construct harbours and buildings and support your settlements. Trade routes and commerce are essential for growth. Balancing supply and demand is key to success, as well as protecting your trade routes from troublesome raiders.

The game challenges players to think strategically about resource allocation and economic development, as well as to garner and cultivate relationships with certain factions within the game.  Do you claim these refugees, or do you leave them to the fury of the seas?

B: FC is going to stay in your mind for a long time, but the game does not have any present win conditions, which means those that are looking for a present win goal will feel as though they are floating on the Ursee with no guidance.  Some players may find themselves searching for a stronger sense of purpose.

In summary, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles stands out for its meditative atmosphere, unique mechanics, and resource-focused gameplay. If you enjoy unconventional city-building experiences, it will be worth your time.  If the game appears on game pass, this would be a must download for its Zen-like chill atmosphere.  Just be prepared to face a different kind of challenge.

I feel this game has a great future, if the control system can be streamlined and specific goals set within the universe.  I also feel that should this game get a VR implementation, it would make a fantastic ‘god’ sim!


If you want a bucket-sized dollop of chill, then this is your game. If you can riff constantly in a world that is essentially a blank canvas, you can grab a glass of whatever relaxes you and sit and chill for a few hours. Small niggles stop it from reaching really ‘must buy’ territory but it will go like hot cakes on Game Pass *hint-hint Xbox*


(Review written by IM Dave Angel)

  • 65%
    CX Score - 65%



  • A unique look at the base building genre, with total creative freedom at its core.
  • A Zen-like atmosphere which encourages you to experiment.
  • Graphically this game will never disappoint.  There were no graphical problems at all during my playtime.



  • The control system is an interesting attempt at controller base-building but feels stiff and a little awkward. Simplifying the choice of floors on your towers would make things a little clearer.
  • No specific ‘Win goals’ means that players wanting to reach a specific goal can be left wanting more guidance.

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