It’s difficult to write some long reviews on some titles, especially where the content is repetitive or slightly lacking. Dr Cat will be one of these reviews not because it does anything wrong, but simply because it is a short experience. Ultimately, Dr Cat is a jigsaw title where you’ll solve many jigsaw puzzles with a little background storyline between each. For achievement enthusiasts then it is probably a good one to pick off the list to grab that all-important 1000g for the low price point on offer here.

The Stories Are Slightly Baffling

After reading the stories between the jigsaw puzzles, they seem to be slightly more depressing than jovial and relaxing. I kind of get it in the context of the title of the game, but the Doctor Cat is there to solve the dilemmas of the patient. Whether it’s the patient not being arsed to go to work, I feel you or relationship troubles, Doctor Cat is there to give therapy and I am left there wondering what it has to do with solving jigsaw puzzles. But the situations wrap around the images within the jigsaw and I am guessing this is where it all lands.

I can’t knock the developer for trying to create something alongside moving pieces around a screen, simply just giving the player a bunch of jigsaw pieces to solve wouldn’t have the same effect I guess.


Choose Your Difficulty

Admittedly I don’t bother with jigsaws much in real life as my patience levels wear thin, the last time I probably attempted one was a six-piece jigsaw with my now nearly 7-year-old son. But I did like solving the ones in this game after some intensity in multiplayer online games, it’s calming and kicks your brain into gear a bit. You can choose which difficulty you would like and the harder you go, the more pieces are in the jigsaw. It does come with its challenges though, on console using a controller it sometimes gets tricky to know which piece you have selected due to the faintness of the selection lines.

Final Thoughts

Dr Cat is both cute yet dark in its jigsaw designs and whilst I had fun solving them, the experience is short-lived and no more than a few hours long. This is reflected in the price point though and for the price of a Happy Meal at Mcdonalds’, it is worth giving it a go if you just want to switch off for a short period and top up your Gamerscore.

  • 60%
    CX Score - 60%



  • The art style and solving of the jigsaws was fun
  • Difficulty choices are good for accessibility for younger players
  • Easy gamerscore



  • A short-lived experience
  • The Dr Cat discussions are a bit deep and maybe too much for younger players
  • Some visual elements on Xbox are frustrating when selecting jigsaw pieces

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