Shawn Hitchcock is the creative mind behind Emily Wants To Play Too, a horror game sequel focussed around a sandwich delivery guy in which his latest job takes him to a crime research facility followed by a bunch of creepy dolls toying with his mind. Don’t even mention Emily!

I’m not normally the best choice when it comes to playing horror games as I panic far too much and end up stuck in a room with the doors shut and the lights turned on, backed up in a corner. Emily Wants To Play Too had the same affect on me to start with, opening with a walk around your home in which the fantastically realistic sound effects such as cans rolling around the floor and doors creaking open fill your mind with sheer fear.

Emily Wants To Play Too environments
A spooky dimly lit corridor will be a common environment in Emily Wants To Play Too.

Then the lights go out and I’m desperately searching the walls for a light switch to reveal the horror that awaits me in the room. A doll sat against a wall hunched up waiting to pounce or a creepy suited chap sat at the table. It’s truly terrifying! Each doll will stalk you unexpectedly and want you to play their game. They do have the decency to let you know they’re coming for you with their dialogue lines though which is helpful. I’ve never played anything like Emily Wants To Play before, so it was a spine tingling experience.

The sound effects were what really stood out for me, as even the slightest noise of a can rolling across the room under your foot was enough to scare the pants off me. In fact, the majority of sounds filling your ears come from traversing around the house, which feels like a journey in itself from the sounds alone. This is definiely a headphone improved gameplay experience.

Emily Wants To Play Too cups
Watch out for the cups!

From the sequel, I’ve learned there’s obviously the new setting of the crime research facility, but also new dolls you need to learn about to avoid their deadly games. Completing their games allow you to progress as the main objective is told as a story, which in turn takes you forward in turn take you a step closer to escaping the terrors haunting you.

There’s a slight learning curve to the dolls, as they all have required actions to complete to stop them getting you. Once you know what you have to do, the game takes a step closer to be easier. In terms of gameplay, it can be punishing if a doll gets to you or even worse, Emily does! However, gameplay hours offered are around 6-7 hours which isn’t too bad for the price tag.

The only real issue with the doll mechanics was that they can glitch themselves through doors to get you sometimes, which isn’t ideal as with most horror games, a closed door is a safe haven, not to mention a well lit room. The controls though were relatively spot on for quickly rushing to open doors and turn on a light switch, so no problems to report on escaping their wicked games.

Emily Wants To Play Too body in closet
Is that a body in your closet?

Overall, Emily Wants To Play Too is a new and fun story told in the franchise, filled with new cruel games to play with the dolls and an interesting ending worth playing all the way through for. I won’t spoil it for anyone but I highly recommend picking this up particular as the price is cheap.

CX Score
  • 70%
    Overall - 70%



  • Scary dolls
  • New games and dolls to escape
  • Realistic game sounds for that extra scare factor
  • Cons

  • After completion, not much to return for
  • Glitching dolls
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