For me episode 3 of Life Is Strange ended on a cliff-hanger and for one couldn’t wait to play this episode of the game. So far the adventure has only intensified and with the impending end of the world or what seems like it through the series of time travelling and strange happenings, I want to find out more and see how Max’ story concludes.

Straight from the off we’re gripped on the edge of our seats, as an alternative Chloe leaves Max feeling emotional, as she’s to blame for Chloe’s life. You get a good sense of emotion throughout this entire episode and not to mention the reveal of the whereabouts of Rachel Amber. If you thought the last episode slacked off a bit, episode 4 definitely picks things back up again.

My only concern was the lack of using your power in this episode – compared to previous ones, I don’t think you had to use your powers as much this time, other than for dialogue if you screwed up. You may remember having to rewind dialogue once you found out something about someone, but there’s not even much of that this time.

I’m really excited to see how Life Is Strange will end and I hope they plan on doing more with it afterwards. The narrative is one of the best I’ve played and even though I love a lot of Telltale titles, Dontnod are onto a winner here.

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