Ever since the Life Is Strange series started, my love has continued to grow for its attempt to tackle emotional and physical feelings. The game not only has you question your judgement in-game, but also in real life, and a game which manages to achieve that must carry something special. Episode 5 is the conclusion to Max’s story, with her powers being used to save Arcadia Bay and to stop a rampaging serial killer.

I’ll give a quick heads up now, there are a few spoilers from here. Episode 5 picks up straight from where the last episode concludes, with Max kidnapped by the photography teacher Mr Jefferson. You’re left to find your means of escape using your powers, which takes you on a dangerous trip to other realities, whereby you win the photography competition and everything seems fine. It’s until that point, that you realise each reality has a consequence, which leads you back to where you once were.

The episode from here leads on an adventure of choice, whereby they are probably the most important ones you’ll ever make in Life Is Strange. It has to be said there’s not as much wondering and exploring in this episode, as there’s more of a hero role to play in episode 5. You’ll be given a clear objective and there’s not much you can do in terms of wandering off like you might have at the school.

The ending particularly touched me and certainly made me feel sad. It’s great that a game can touch and fill a player with such emotion, especially when we’re not actually Max and can’t control time. The series has not only questioned our own moral choices, but also those we made for the main character and I still can’t work out if I chose the right ending now. I’d love to see another series from Dontnod Entertainment, even if it isn’t within this franchise.


  • An exciting and emotional series
  • Brilliant ending


  • Decisions we don’t really see play out
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  1. Glad these are all out now as I can buy it and play it whole. Loved the first episode, but the wait for each episode in this genre of games always kills it for me.

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