FOUR! When I first heard of this game my initial thoughts were that this Party Golf game is like the rest, a new attempt at a crazy golf style game, something that will capture the hearts and offer something different in a field that is packed with attempts over the years. I was so wrong…

Giant Margarita have developed a game so far out of the box, dare I even say the golf term is very thin on the ground. Party Golf leads with the slogan “less golf, more Party”, a crazy, frantic, competitive couch play title for 1-8 players.

Get ready to tee off simultaneously in a mind-blowing experience. Set in a psychedelic 2D world, with stylish yet simplistic physics, leading to a mass free for all of colour trails, as you look to sink your ball in the hole in the fewest shots, and the quickest time. Sounds like there is a golf game there after all.

Party Golf unlike your standard golf games offers quick thinking, and fast paced action all blurred in to one, with some interesting elements, that you would never find on the golf field. This golf is energetic, bright, and hypnotic. Offering an abundance of variety in your shots, and an astonishing amount gameplay combination’s, from Giant banana ball, after touch physics, changing hole sizes, to some rather unique turbo charged power ups.

This Couch play golf title is like no other, it’s spontaneous play will certainly have you and your friends hooked and ready for the next round. The scoring is unique, and I promise you there will be the odd hole in one, but there will be plenty of screams of laughter, as none of you mange to get anywhere near the hole. The scoring adds to the enjoyment, offering points for the fewest shots, closest to the hole, and time. All this keeps the players on there toes in this fast-paced challenging title, which helps to level the playing field with every turn, as the balls going flying, hitting each other. Get the angle of your shot all wrong, and it’s back to the start as your ball flies off the screen and out of bounds. This game will have you in stitches and will definitely start some interesting conversations between you and your friends.

Party Golf offers some wacky game modes, throw in 4 player local multiplayer and even 8 player matches with a hilarious shared controller experience. Boasting over 100 game modes, with the added option to customise your own super plays in a fantastic build your own game with what seems like unlimited options.

Party Golf plays exceptionally well, fantastic level design with hundreds of options, the controls are very simplistic, and visually the game is a mass of colour trail blazing action. The game come into its own with its gameplay, simplistic yet fun, this game will have you eating out the palm of its hands, as you struggle to put it down. Procedurally generated terrains only add to the games charm as no hole ever plays the same twice.

The excellent addition of power ups, which are wonderfully dreamed up and put to good use really help capture your imagination and your heart. Party Golf features some wonderfully crafted game modes which appeals to the masses and offers a level playing field for everyone.

Overall, Party Golf proved my first thoughts and impression of the game wrong. It has a fantastic idea of what a couch play title should bring – fun, finesse, flamboyance, mixed with pick up and play controls, top notice gameplay, and a conversation starter.  A joy to behold and a pleasure to play, this game will have you coming back for more, inviting your friends round again and again.

CX Score
  • 77%
    Overall - 77%



  • Excellent level design
  • Tonnes of game modes
  • Addictive game play


  • Would be fab online
  • Needs world leaderboards.

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