Sigi A Fart in Melusina starts off nice and simple. The basics of the loose story are laid out and off you go on your 20 level adventure.

You play Sigi, a knight who bears a striking resemblance to Arthur from Ghouls’n’Ghosts, and it’s your job to rescue a mermaid with a “good set of lungs” on her. And the farts in the title? That’s just something Sigi does at the end of every level or when eating food. I don’t know why he has to fart but he does.

The game might look like G’n’G and in some ways it plays in a similar way. For a start it’s a platformer and you throw your weapons at enemies. Traps, drops and water hazards also stand in your way, but to be honest the only dangerous thing here are the flying enemies.

Levels can be finished within a few minutes. If you go hunting for the hidden caves you might take a little longer but you’ll still be likely to finish your first run in about 30 minutes. Due to the short play time and easy to spot caves, this game is great for achievement hunters looking for an easy 1000 whilst having some fun. I managed to get it done in about an hour without using a guide.

Enemy variety is limited but I did like the way it introduced new enemies are you got deeper into the game. You’ll meet skeletons, zombies, spiders, Venus fly traps, witches and crows (damn crows!!) in the standard platforming sections. Every 5th level introduces one of the four bosses. These are easy to cheese and the game often tells you what the boss attack pattern is before you fight it. You’ll maybe lose a few lives but you’ll have earned so many extra ones you won’t even notice.

Along the way you’ll also be collecting food to boost your health, coins to earn extra lives and SIGI letters. There’s also a few golden items hidden in plain sight.

I liked the graphical style. It did look similar to G’n’G with its grassy platforms, creepy trees and gravestones. It didn’t feel as detailed but the parallax backgrounds and character sprites are nice. As expected, it’s presented in a nice retro style and it nails that retro feel.

I enjoyed it despite the short play time and as I said previously, achievement hunters will grab an easy 1000G here. It’s worth the fiver even if there were times that it showed it’s mobile roots. That’s not a bad thing though, it was light and breezy and a nice stress free game you can hammer through quickly. A nice little pallette cleanser if you will. It was good fun and worth a look.

CX Score
  • 75%
    Overall - 75%



• Easy to pick up
• Nice retro style
• Easy 1000G


• Far too easy

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