Tri6: Infinite is an infinite racing game where the track is constantly evolving and ever-changing the longer you last. Additionally generic racers, that spawn out of highlighted red circles, will spawn in more number. Also both hazardous obstacles and helpful platforms will also generate to give you some help in terms of racing.

So as far as the “helpful platforms”, there’s a jump ramp that will appear allowing you to jump and glide, another surface, blue this time, which will throw you in the air, once again, giving you the opportunity to glide and try to avoid additional hazards or enemy mines. There’s also a red surface that will allow you to slow down temporarily. Given this is an infinite racer, you have no bearing or start and stopping. Once the race begins, the only control you have is left and right.

While indeed you cannot brake by default, you can purchase a braking power-up; one of many things you can buy. The way you get money in this game is you’ll find weird like indescribable icons called electrons floating on the race track which equals 1$ of in-game currency. Completing specific objectives such as jumping from a jump ramp for example, increases your electrons rewards. While it’s one hit “death”, if you can last a minute or two, you’ll earn an additional “life”.

You can use the currency to purchase 11 different power-ups and three additional rides. Furthermore, during races, you’ll find Mario Kart-like icons you can run through to acquire power-ups. At first, you’ll pick up with a mine that you can throw ahead in hopes to hit another races or a speed boost. Some power ups, such as the mine, are dependent on a meter. Once the meter is empty, you need to wait for it to refill in order to use mines again.

Interestingly, this game has a Tron-like futuristic color visual. While this does sound like an interesting visual take, unfortunately, the same colors/color palette are being recycled through the race track, even with its ever changing shape and form which is a missed opportunity to give the visuals a different look the further you get to really feel like you’re making progress. The soundtrack is a generic repetitive electro score.

The main nuisance with this game is the speed in which you can collect currency. One electron equaling 1$ makes this thing a complete chore. While, when things get more hectic, you’re given more opportunities to complete objectives or jumps to increase your earnings, when you first start, the track is pretty basic and limited, so it makes grinding long and tedious. Additionally, unless you’re an Achievement hunter, the appeal of this game is incredibly limited with no major gameplay variety. There’s also no real sense of speed.

Aside from its repetitive and grindy nature, Tri6: Infinite is a fun alternative to the racing genre. It’s a pretty simple concept that works well and it’s actually good to be played in short bursts or with three (local multiplayer!) friends. If you’re looking for something with more meat on the bones so to speak, Tri6: Infinite is not it. But if you’re looking for something light and easy to pick up and play, you can’t go wrong with this.

  • 65%
    CX Score - 65%



  • Easy to pick up and play
  • No need to worry about bumping into A.I. racers


  • Limited appeal/replay value
  • No real sense of speed

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