The Team

We’re lucky to have such a dedicated team at Complete Xbox, so without further ado here are the folk that make everything go smoothly.


Name: Jamie Tarren
Bio: Jamie is a dedicated writer with over 6 years of writing about games under his belt. Having been editor at Xboxer, he knows his way around most titles and will happily pick up any genre of game and waste the day away on it. Regularly expresses his desire for Lucozade.


Name: Dave Law
Bio: Dave is a family guy, who loves his gaming. Xbox live’s IisDaLaw. I’ve been gaming since the good old speccy days. Sega fan boy at heart. Fondness for racers and shooters, but will play just about anything.

Name: Chris Wallace

Bio: Chris has been gaming since the Halcyon days of the ZX Spectrum and quickly fell in love with everything game related, but in the end he decided Xbox is the place for him. From obscure indies to the best (and worst) of AAA he’ll give anything a go, but at the moment you’ll probably find him and his pile of salt playing PUBG or curled on the couch with his Switch.

Name: Dan Boise




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