Warface – Console Crossplay Ready To Go

Console crossplay is now available for Warface

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users can play together.

MY.GAMES and Warface team are glad to share that crossplay is now available for the console version of Warface. This will connect over 22 million players across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to the same server. Additionally, users will be able to communicate with each other in both cross-platform voice and text chat.

Crossplay is enabled automatically after the update. However, all users will still have the option to disable crossplay manually through settings. The PC version is not included in cross-play. It’s currently not planned to allow for the cross progression or progression transfer due to technical limitations.

Crossplay is launching during the recently launched ‘The Swarm’ season. It includes PvP maps, a battle pass, biomechanical themed weapon skins, as well as other rewards. The eponymous special operation is about to become a part of the season, along with the new boss, enemies, and a unique weapon to fight them.

Warface is a widely popular tactical first-person shooter, available for free download on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with over 114 million registered players. Warface is being developed and is globally published by MY.GAMES.

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