Update: This competition is now closed.

We’re going mad for Master Chief this month, as Halo 5: Guardians launches in just over 2 weeks time for Xbox One. So we’ve decided to giveaway a copy of the game.

For your chance to win, tell us your most memorable Halo moment in the comments below.

Only one winner will be selected and we’ll notify the winner on Friday 30th October.

Good luck CXers!


27 thought on “(Closed) Competition: Win a copy of Halo 5: Guardians”
  1. My most memorable Halo moment was when I got my first killing spree playing online in Halo 3. It was an epic plasma grenade stick that turned into a triple kill on The Pit and netted me the killing spree as well.

  2. OMG If They Came to Hear Me Beg without question… still haunts my dreams, must have spent 5 hours+ on the same damn hill doing the same damn jump and what makes it worse, i still don’t have this achievement. So even with so many nice memories of the game none will overtake this sticks in my brain like a sore thumb. 😛

  3. I played Halo for the first time in a toy store when I was a kid. I was on the level Halo (second level). It was the most magical moment playing a video game. I didn’t know what I was doing, but the atmosphere was breath-taking and killing and getting killed by aliens was exhilarating. I had not played any game like this before; it was my first first-person shooter. I must have told my parents about how much fun I had because a few months later, on my birthday, my parents surprised me with an Xbox, an extra duke controller, and a copy of Halo. I didn’t expect my parents to buy me anything of that magnitude, but to this day, it’s still my most memorable birthday, and the Halo franchise and universe still holds a special place. So, just unwrapping the original Halo, which started my love for Halo, is my most memorable Halo moment.

  4. Playing it with my son for the first time. Both had so much fun taking turns and making our way through the game together!

  5. Another hard question you’re asking us, but well worth an answer considering that epic prize you have to give away.
    The most Memorable moment about Halo would have to be the end of Halo One where you have to get into one of the Hogs to escape the ship and you have to drive through all the flood and covenant mayhem, because this is the first experience you ever would have had with the Halo Franchise and they bring it all together with some intense music and a countdown timer for you to try and escape Halo before the time runs out and before crashing the hog (Which I find a little hard to control) not to mention try not to be killed by the copious amounts of enemies. I thought this was quite a profound end to the first game as it brought all the things you have been fighting for together in one glorious moment to where it all comes to an end and your hard work (killing aliens and plants) to an epic finale where you have saved the earth (And Other Human Planets) and you did what Master Chief does best and saved the day; lastly I love the last words by Master Chief in reply to Cortana, that it’s not the end, it’s just the Beginning, and here we all are 14 years later awaiting the release of Halo 5: Guardians ready to defend human planets all over again!!!! I’m So Excited for this Game!!!! 😛

  6. 2 best Halo moments. Christmas Day when the original Xbox came out i drove over to my friends house just so i could watch my friend play Combat Evolved with my mouth wide open. But No 1. Moment was probably having a “LAN party” and hooking up 4 Xbox and 16 controllers to play Halo 2. I was horse the next day.

  7. My most memorable moment in Halo 4 would be when me and my mates all finished the campaign on legendary difficulty after playing hours and getting Master Chiefs Armour. We were all so happy and ecstatic. We all thought that we looked sweg and looked like a boss!

  8. The day I first played Halo, and the day I first used an Xbox. I was hanging out with a dear friend of mine and the first sight of Halo was the view from the hanger in the Halo Reach Forge World. I was hooked in a second, i’ve been playing ever since.

  9. I remember buying original Halo a few days before the Xbox was released, then camping out in front of Walmart before the store opened at 6 am. Being to tired to play it right away, but at least it was sitting there in my room. At the time it was such a great game, i remember being impressed of how the game actually had visual depth. Later on that same year i started playing original Halo multiplayer online tunneled through my PC, i know not many people were doing that, obviously tons of system link but that was all about Halo 2!!!

  10. Finishing the legendary campaign on Halo 2 and 3 with my 6 year old son. Teaching him the art of playing Halo and kicking ass

  11. Halo 2 is still the stand out game for me in the whole series, as it not only opened my eyes to online shooters offering that PC quality style finish, but I also have a ton of friends on Xbox Live still to this day because of it. Other Halo games have been fun, but none for me never matched what the online side of Halo 2 had to offer. I really enjoyed the beta for Halo 5, so fingers crossed it delivers in the full game.

  12. My most memorable moment of Halo was when it took one bullet to kill Kat in Halo Reach even though she survived countless gunfire from her previous battles. It was a sad but odd moment.

  13. Everything that occurs that results from Chief disobeying direct orders from Del Rio in 4. It was the perfect storm of the feeling that chief was now considered completely expendable, rather than a valuable asset that could complete missions that no-one else could, mixed in with the fact that Jon has lost nearly everyone that he had forged any kind of connection with (Keyes, Johnson, Miranda, the countless Marines/ODST/Spartan troops who had died on numerous godforsaken planets to save humanity), and that he could not stand passively and watch as his closest friend was killed by his ‘own people’.

    From then on, the narrative changed completely and i was immersed in the character and his choices as never before.

  14. Well I’d have to say Halo 3 in general is my greatest memory. It was the reason I bought an Xbox. I can remember playing the Halo 3 campaign for the first time with my friend and being in awe of how a game could look so spectacular. Other moments such as the Vidmaster Challenges in Halo 3 are hard not to forget, but even the simple moments such as playing some custom games with a ton of friends until four in the morning I’ll never forget. Out of all of these, if I had to still pick just one singular moment, I would have to say the campaign. It introduced me into a new era of gaming, and I will always have Halo to thank for that.

  15. Best experience was playing halo 3 and all the seemingly random kills you could get while being in the banshee. Vehicular manslaughters were my favourite.

  16. I dont know how to condense all of me and my friends most amazing moments in halo into a single comment box starting back at halo 3 then odst then reach and halo 4 Ive had so many hours and unbelievable moments its hard to say which one is the most memorable. In Reach I was playing with a friend ho had to afk for a phone call on the nightfall version of the spire mission where I stole a banshee and got tired of waiting so I decided to clear the tower on my own by breaking the wings off the banshee and flying through the towers door and proceeded to boost through all of the heavily shielded ultras and other enemies racking up a huge splatter spree and my friend came back in time to freak out that I was in the tower alone and then proceeded to leave him slack jawed as I flew out of the entirely cleared tower.

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