I think it is safe to say that this years Call Of Duty entry will leave a sour taste to many when you weigh up the logistics when it comes to the content overall. I’m yet to compile the Campaign review, but it took me less than four hours to complete and whilst it isn’t dreadful, it appears to be just a mish mash of glorified DMZ missions with cutscenes being the jam in the middle. But as I always say, no one really buys Call Of Duty for the campaign do they? So what is the rest like? Read on and see shall we.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) arrives at a time when the two decade old franchise usually does. There are mixed feelings across the board about how this one is received since it appears to be just an extension of last years Modern Warfare 2. Aside from the already mentioned seemingly lacklustre Campaign, we have the arrival of the beloved Multiplayer aspect of the game alongside an all new Zombies outing. Now I believe each portion of the game deserves a seperate scoring, so I will bring the Campaign, Zombies and new Warzone reviews in good timing.

For this review though I will be spending my time ploughing through my findings on a monster weekend session with Multiplayer. Again, you can label this as just an overpriced DLC pack if you wish, but I’m willing to brush that mindset to one side for this review. Now I have to admit I wasn’t really as hyped for this instalment as I was from previous years but once I got hands on with the online BETA a few weeks ago, my feelings changed. I was consumed by playing the original MW2 maps from 2009 in all their remastered glory.

So what are we actually getting here? The answer is all your favourites from MW2 back in 2009, 16 maps straight off the bat all remastered into todays visuals. It really is a nostalgia overload when you load back into classics like Rust, Afgahn, Skidrow and more. I can’t lie though, the design team have done a magnificent job of restoring the maps aesthetically to stunning visual fidelity. I’d actually say to the point of reworked rather than remastered. It isn’t like the remastered version of Call Of Duty 4 where everything was given just a gloss over. There has been some real effort poured in here.

What I especially loved and it is worthy of a mention, is the fact that you can carry all your levelled up weaponry including their skins alongside your operators and purchased cosmetics from Modern Warfare II (2022). Now there are many out there who are for and against this, but variety is the spice of life right? Is this an indication that Call Of Duty is going to blossom into a Fortnite type experience where you always carry everything you’ve unlocked with you? It certainly does bear thinking about and it is always nice to keep things that you have paid good money for, like my Snoop Dogg character.

When it comes to the gameplay it doesn’t feel a million miles from what we have played for the last year in all honesty. I do feel that the lighting on some maps have significantly improved since the last outing. Gunplay feels a little more fluid to me and it also seems like the TTK is slightly higher than what you may be used to if you’re a regular player. As someone who bounces onto hardcore servers most of the time, I just found it a bit more noticable. If you dig a little deeper you will find a few slight new additions though.

If anyone can cast their mind back to Call Of Duty WW2, you may remember the game mode called War. It is an experience that I especially loved as it ventures off from your standard match types. In this mode you’ll have a variance of attack and defend objectives that can feel a little like a tug of war. It really is a fun go to if you’re becoming fatigued of countless TDM, Domination and Hardpoint matches. If this one isn’t for you then maybe you’ll enjoy Cutthroat.

Cutthroat is fantastic if theres just two or three of you and you want to keep your teams to a minimum squad size rather than the conventional 6v6. Here you’ll be a trio battling it out against two other squads of three in a 3v3v3 to become the victor. In a variety of different objective based modes it all comes to a team effort and everyone pulling their weight to come out on top. Perfect for short blasts if you don’t want to venture onto the upcoming Warzone for long matches.

When it comes to the overall appearance of the in-game menus and UI, it is near identical with some subtle changes here and there. The flashes of XP earned in game are bold, vibrant and actually quite crisp to look at. The gunsmith area looks a little tidier and with the amount of attatchments on offer for weapons, the amount of custom builds you can create are literally endless. Everything is now accessed through the main Call Of Duty hub system with it’s copycat Marvel style intro when it loads in.

Overall Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Multiplayer is simply as described, it is essentially a cash grab DLC. But with more fluid engagement in the subtle changes that the teams have made in the way the game plays and feels makes it feel at least a little bit fresh. For nostalgic purposes it is fantastic to relive the memories of 2009 and play those iconic maps in refreshed and enhanced visuals 14 years later. But it also makes me a little sad that I am now 38 years of age and not a 24 year old with no responsibilities and endless hours to game in my pants.

If you’re a hardcore Call Of Duty gamer who thrives off nothing more than the multiplayer aspect of the game, then it is worth the slight sting in your pocket. It currently remains the best in class for first person shooters on console and keeps that crown nestled on the head for yet another year. I would say though, that Modern Warfare has well and truly been done to death in the last 5 years and the next few need to venture off in a different direction.

  • 85%
    CX Score - 85%



  • Reliving the memories of iconic MW2 (2009) maps is a real draw
  • Carrying over cosmetics, unlocked weaponry and paid unlocks is a plus point
  • War & Cutthroat are brilliant match additions



  • If you played MW2 (2022) for as many hours as I did 1000+, then it will feel like an overpriced DLC pack
  • Next to no menu or UI changes make it feel like you’re still playing last years game
  • A bit of in-balance at the beginning if you want to level up new weapons versus players using levelled up MW2 weapons

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