Get your creative hat on, and think outside of the box. Trailmakers is a creative racers dream, with a whole host of options to customise your unique ride. Whether it be over land, sea or in the skies, you will be taken back to your childhood, as you build the stuff of dreams.

If creativity isn’t your strongest attribute, not to worry Trailmakers will show you the ropes with its easy on the eye building guides, ready drawn up blueprints, and even the option to download the world’s greatest creations online.

Trailmakers is the newest addition to Game preview on Xbox One, its promise of freedom to create almost anything that moves, combined with a slick racer, on an otherworldly alien planet, brings a real sense of adventure, across many landscapes.

Trailmakers building mode is based around blocks, similar to LEGO. With lots of availably from the get-go, the possibilities are truly endless.

Take control of everything, from drive train, to wings and downforce.

The ability to unlock new brinks and parts by taking part in races and achieving the ever important gold medal on the track is pure gold.

Take control of everything, from drive train, to wings and downforce. Build a formula one style car, a dune buggy, plane, helicopter, submarine or you own creation, it’s all there in a tailor made planet of breath taking landscape and tracks offering there own unique challenges to overcome, it’s up to you to put your driving and building skills to the test, and conquer the leaderboards.

The game, like its customisation features, has a whole stack of game modes to keep you busy. In Trailmakers there’s always something to do and fall in love with!

Trailmakers is split into 4 different modes, not to mention multiplayer (which at the time of writing is coming in a future update)

Trailmakers Rally – in this rally you are put to the test, build your racer and take it to the track. Gold, Silver and bronze medals are on offer here, with the added incentive of coins and unlocks of bricks, to build a new vehicle for the next stage, there’s always a reason to race.

Use you building skills and daring driving abilities as you go for gold and the promise of moving on to high difficulty challenges, and the possible rewards that await.

Sandbox Island – This is the place for the creative freak in you. Build what’s in your head, test it out, see how it rides. You can always take things back to the drawing board if things don’t quite go to plan.

Hit the nail on the head, and you may just end up with the perfect racer for all sorts of scenarios. Save your blue print and if you are truly proud of the beauty you have built, then why not share it with the Trailmakers community.

Danger Zone – Put your creations through the mill, test there durability, as you try the catch-a-pult, run the spinner gauntlet or test your metal in the battle bot arena, robot wars style. Take your ride to a walk on the wild side and ride it home through the danger zone.

Last but not least……

Race Island – Here you build your fastest racer, a real test of speed. Compete in time trails, and races alike against the very best. Build a drag racer, your quickest offroad buggy or even your fastest jet, as you fight for world domination, to find out who’s best. World leaderboards and fame are the objective here, nobody remembers second place!

Trailmakers is rammed full of game modes and if that wasn’t enough, Trailmakers has thrown daily challenges into the mix too, so there’s always something to come back for.

Trailmakers really does have the potential to have it all, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to grow. There really is something for everyone.

The presentation of the game is top notch, it has lots of easy to access menus, the landscapes and tracks are thing of beauty and wonderfully created. The physics of the game handle fantastically. The build mode is out of this world, with hundreds of parts to build your racer, the option to upload your blue prints, or even download other people’s rides This is a creative racer’s dream. The gallery in side the game, (the place to go if your looking for blue prints) is a fantastic idea, you really can create just about anything with Trailmakers.

With added options within the game to build a racing and creative community, this game looks as if it has legs to it. A truly unique experience, Trailmakers is a joy to play and I really can’t wait to see what they do with multiplayer!

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