There’s been a lot a of news and articles recently about so-called gaming addiction and how it’s not good for various health reasons, but let me flip the coin and talk about how gaming has benefits for the many health wise including myself.

Gaming is more than a hobby, Games are immersive, and yes you can lose yourself in them, often many hours into what is either a great story or fantastic experience, and no person who enjoys a good gaming session will argue that doesn’t happen with gaming, we have all been there.

However, gaming for many is a release, a chance to unwind and relax after a long day at school, college or even work. For those that love a good book, or a movie it’s chance to throw yourself into a story and be a part of it, live it if you will.

Everyday life is full of its daily stresses, and the world is beginning to waken up to this fact. Mental health is so so important, and everyone should be more open about it. In recent time’s gaming has slowly engaged with some fabulous storylines that discuss, highlight or even let you experience mental health issues in a way you could never imagine, how can that not be a good thing?

The games industry is a wave of creative art, and enable’s its audience to be free, and experience things that they may never think imaginable in lots of ways.

We live in a world where money makes the world go round and let’s face it at some point in your life you may wish to experience something, for it to be totally unobtainable due to finance, we aren’t all born with silver spoons in our mouth.

Gaming unlocks these barriers, for example almost all of us will never go to the moon and search the stars for signs of new life in real life. However, experience’s in games can come close enough, of course it’s not the real thing, but just think of the benefits of engaging in that dream. Living it, breathing and becoming enthralled in something that you thought wasn’t possible can only benefit a person’s well-being.

The gaming community itself is a fantastic thing to be part of, a chance to live our dreams through games with so many others. Gaming produces so many thoughts, whether that be through role play, storytelling, or the sheer excitement at achieving that gold medal. Gaming offer’s a chance for us to discuss and interact, and often share those experiences with our friends, our colleagues, or even our loved ones.

On a personal note, some readers may know me as “Knackeredback” (Twitter), and several years ago I was robbed from everyday life experiences. I have undergone major spinal surgery multiple times and am a shell of a man that I use to be actively. As a man I can no longer enjoy many of the things I use to participate in. However, in the world of games, I can enjoy the golf course, drive a car, play football and other sports that my body just won’t let me. Through games I can engage in stories and experiences and discuss them with people without venturing outside. Multiplayer and Xbox parties give me a chance to experience social interaction which has become so hard over the years.

Summarising it all, gaming has the ability to stimulate the mind and reduce stress. Gaming can be used as a tool to help people interact with others. Gaming can help those with mental health issues and offer experiences for people with disabilities, a chance to experience something that they may never be able to.

On top of all that, I believe gaming can also act as medication, in the sense of letting the person truly unwind, thus helping the body to heal. We have all heard of alternative medicine, I think you can label gaming in that bracket too!

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