Twin stick shooters seem to be hitting the Xbox store frequently at the moment, the genre has had a massive influx, often inspired by titles from yester-year with heavy influences from forgotten era’s and games from the past.

Developers 2tainment GmbH have brought another twin stick shooter to the fray in the form of the wonderfully titled Hellmut: The Badass From Hell, but is it as badass as the name suggests, it’s certainly intriguing that’s for sure.

Hellmut: The Badass From Hell Is an all action fast paced dungeon crawler which places you in the centre of the action with a no-nonsense attitude and twin stick mechanics for the shooting system, perfect for this style of approach and how things get hot really quick. Nibble movements are required alongside expert shooting to get out of some tight situations, which reign in thick and fast.

In Hellmut: The Badass From Hell you take control of various character Transformations, with the ability to unlock new transformations with each completion of the game. Worlds are generated randomly as to are the bosses that you will encounter after defeating the many demonic hordes set out in front of you. Explore the dungeon like areas as you hunt for valuable treasure to loot. Keep your eyes peeled for soul stones, and the ever-changing weapons that are available to use against the dangers that lurk around every corner.

With the many transformations available to you, why not assume command of the rats as the Infamous Rat King or grow wings as you take on the transformation of the Orc Fairy using her special skill set of spells. Why not take on the horde with the slimeball, a questionable substance with a toxic health risk, or transform into the many other crazy monstrosities available to use at your disposal.

With every new transformation acquired, adds a new prong in your attack as you look for new ways to slaughter the demons in the dungeon. Your ultimate goal in this quest, to save humanity! And if that doesn’t quite work out then yourself will have to do, and that right there would feel like a win for humanity itself!

Helmut: The Badass from hell is built using 2D pixel art and a level design which is generated randomly, perfect for an engaging experience. The environments themselves are full of variation as you progress through the game, with many locations to visit, and a ton load of treasure to loot, from gold and soul stones to weapons and other such items. Your ever-growing collection plays a huge role in your quest to defeat the hordes of enemies, with rogue-like elements, it pays to visit the excellent in game shop, cleverly placed in key moments throughout the levels. The shops are packed with your usual items that come in handy in these types of games, with health at a premium, why not cash in your gold for a medi pack, or upgrade your weapon of choice, to something that packs a bit more of a punch. Another fantastic addition in the shop is a mini game of space invaders, which heaps its own rewards for a decent showing.

“The game’s Bombastic hectic nature is littered with enemies, each enemy type is totally different, with unique patterns of movement and fire.”

The Transformations are a thing of beauty and are a key component of the game’s direction. With game play, featuring run, evade and outmanoeuvring with a slick responsive two stick shooting mechanic, it’s clear to see that this game has been heavily influenced by its predecessors in this genre, I for one can see comparisons to the likes of gauntlet and amongst others, certainly with the level design, control mechanics and dynamic gameplay.

Speaking of the control system, Hellmut: The Badass From Hell uses a fantastically designed transformation wheel, enabling you to transform effortlessly and use your unique skill sets at the right moments, this wheel complements the games feel and complements the twin stick shooting.

The game’s Bombastic hectic nature is littered with enemies, each enemy type is totally different, with unique patterns of movement and fire, providing a real challenging experience, where wits and combat tactics will be tested. Boss fights play a fulfilling role in the game, challenge them is worth the risk, defeat them and earn tremendous rewards and extra Transformations. Bosses aren’t the only challenge with the fantastic addition of defeating waves of enemies with a set time limit, add to this an astonishing Gauntlet mode, where you can invite a friend, and join forces to fight the hordes of hell together and surviving the oncoming waves and this game really does appeal to the masses.

Hellmut: The Badass From Hell, is an exciting game to play, full of charm and addictive gameplay, with a well thought out control system that is easy to pick up and play but hard to master. The ever-changing environments, and randomising of levels is a lovely feature, perfect for keeping the player on there toes. The gameplay is slick and quick, which adds to the intoxicating madness on the screen. The loot system used in the game is a joy to be hold and the shop is everything you would need from an in-game store, with a thrilling mini game of space invaders which gives out generous rewards. Hellmut, is a challenging experience, addictive but hard as nails. A game which just about thinks of everything.

CX Score
  • 80%
    Overall - 80%



  • Addictive
  • Rewarding Control system
  • Excellent level randomising


  • A little too fast and frantic
  • Hard as nails

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