A big new feature being talked about a lot recently is cross platform play, with Microsoft taking an open arm approach to the idea. Cross platform play is the ideal world for gaming, with online play across all platforms. Currently we only have Xbox and PC signed up to the idea, with Sony sat on the fence. So we decided to take a look at the reasons why cross platform play is a good move.

Cross platform play first of all removes a layer of the console war. If games are readily available on most consoles these days, with Microsoft and Sony now mainly vying to seal exclusive timed content for most of the big games like Call of Duty. For me the biggest problem I face when buying a game is what console to buy it for. I own both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as do a lot of my friends. So when new games come out, we regularly have to have a heated debate over which console we’re going to buy the latest title on, just so we can play together. At least with cross platform play, if Sony decide to join the fun, then that decision is made a lot easier.

The first title to support this on Xbox One will be Rocket League, a game which has grown to huge success and receives regularly updates for new modes and cars. Originally the game came over to PlayStation first after its jump from PC. Not much has been said in terms of what cross platform play features, but one can imagine in-game chat and obviously multiplayer.

I guess the biggest question is, will it work? Can PC players really play alongside console players. A controller restricts a lot of mechanics compared to what a keyboard and mouse can offer. Not only that, but games perform differently across different hardware. There’s also a noticeable skill gap on cross platform games in the past – if you look at Shadowrun for example. PC plays usually topped the team and left you banging your head against the TV, as they keep winning against you.

It also feels a little outdated now to think that we can’t play across all consoles. I think the disparity between them has gone hugely over the last few years, with both consoles being very much like for like and following suit of one another. Hopefully Microsoft’s stance on cross platform play will be followed on by Sony. What are your thoughts on cross platform play? Is it a good move?

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