If you’re into video games and cooking like me, you’ll always be on the look out for new recipes to try, well we have something special for you. Fry Scores: An Unofficial Guide to Video Game Grub is the perfect cookbook, which pays homage to dishes in video games.

From grilled cheese in The Sims 3 to the double decker burger of Burgertime, there’s a dish which pretty much every gamer will recognise from a title. It’s not just all about recipes either, as there are tips for things like checking when your meat is done or how to cook rice without making it become stuck together.

The entire book is wonderfully illustrated with pictures creating these dishes and I for one will definitely be trying out the Atomic Cocktail from Fallout: New Vegas.

With over 25 recipes including breakfast and dinner cocktails, it’s definitely worth checking out Fry Scores. Even some of the most basic recipes like the burger feel enjoyable, as you’re making it similar to the video game’s version. And if that’s not enough, over half of the dishes are vegetarian friendly.

Thanks to Holly Green for providing us with a copy of this.

1 thought on “Friday Fun: Cooking dishes from video games”
  1. Whoever thought about taking the dishes/drinks from video games is a genius, because that’s quite a unique idea and who hasn’t thought about some of the foods in these various video games, especially the games based in the future, and they came up with some eccentric dishes which probably would be pretty hard to make, but the person who wrote the book didn’t let that stop them, quite a good book, but an idea might be to make this book digital so you can use it on your phone or laptop, which most people use these days, even to cook with!!!!! 😛

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