A Knight’s Quest will arrive on Xbox One this fall, in a new action adventure set during the old times from Toronto developers Sky 9 Games.

You play as Rusty, a weary and clunsy adventurer armed with a handy sword, who triggers who a chain of events which threaten to destroy his world. In order to right his wrong, you’ll be presented with a number of puzzles to solve and enemies to slay.

Dispatching enemies with a stylish thrust of the sword, rail-grinding across huge chasms high above tumbling waterfalls, wall-running over perilous traps or solving puzzles by controlling the elements are just some gameplay scenarios in the kingdom of Regalia.

Our hero also has Spirit Powers – spectacular abilities which have the power to transform not only himself, but also the world around him. At the tap of a button, Rusty can harness the powers of Fire, Ice and Time to devastating effect.

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