Maximum Games and Reversed Interactive have announced Tyler: Model 005, a 3D action-platformer set during the 1950s, which will be available digitally on Xbox One for £7.99 on 21st August.

Playing as miniature robot, Tyler, Tyler is accidentally powered on during a riotous thunderstorm and must discover why his creator is missing and what has happened to his home.

The game which offers a series of puzzles and obstacles is set out to be challenge for players. Also, because you’re a minuscule robot, normal everyday items take on a completely new dimension in Tyler’s world: for example, chairs, stairs and bookshelves are giant impediments.

Dozens of different enemies will stand in the way of your goal. Luckily, you are equipped with a variety of different weapons, from your trusty bolt-blade to boxing gloves, cherry bombs and more. There’s even a huge assortment of diverse outfits, from medieval helmets to pixelated eyeglasses, and collect objects that will help you on your journey.

For the price below £10, this definitely sounds like a title worth checking out.

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