Holospark has revealed its DLC plans for alien co-op shooter Earthfall, beginning this month with the Inferno content drop.

The Inferno update will add a new mission, new enemies (the Fire Spitter and Fire Sapper), a new weapon, new weapon skins, new player skins and more.

After that we’ll see the Militia update in September, adding a new outfit, weapon and weapon skins.

The biggest DLC of the lot though arrives in October with Invasion, adding a game-changing player progression system, whereby players can earn XP and rank up to level 50. New levels grant new abilities, weapons and outfits. A new survival Horde mode also arrives, where players must survive as long as possible by constructing defences.

The best news of all though is that all 3 DLCs will be free to all players who own the game.

Have you checked out Earthfall yet? We’ll be posting our review soon.

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