Things have been a little quiet in terms of new information on Vigor, and what with the game launching it’s full release in the summer, it’s been just a little too radio silent. Yes there’s been a handful of minor updates – including the addition of Random Duos but nothing solid or major.

Finally, the silence has been broken. Right now, the games creators have been working hard behind the scenes to create the best possible experience for when the game launches as a free to play title in the summer 2019. Okay, fair enough, and with that update, a surprise addition, one that the people behind call a major update.

So, without further ado, let’s see what’s in Update 0.9: Aid that is coming in July.

“We listen to the feedback of the community. Sometimes, it may not seem so at first glance, but we really do. Our developers have managed to go through each and every report of wobbly shooting to improve the gunplay – we found some gnomes in the machine and sent them packing. That means shooting should be much more reliable now, and all the weapons got some more configuration love as well. You should be able to enjoy the gunplay more than ever, and the same goes for the animations and interactions”.

“Many of you proposed we should focus on customisations and a possibility to acquire them for Crowns. This is actually something we have already been working on in the background, and Update 0.9 should finally see the Outlander’s shop in the game. Speaking of customisations… what if no one gets to see you in the Encounter? Well, we decided to add an option for you to learn from your mistakes and return to the Encounter as a spectator once you are killed. Learn from the best – see how they play and check out their attire”.

Hand’s up who remember’s there first experience of Vigor…… To be fair it was a bit rough round the edge, waking up in a dark tunnel without any clue of what to do. Well change is on the horizon, with a new tutorial that brings you up to speed. You will now get a so called helping hand, yet it will be still up to the player to decide who your going to trust in the outlands.

Update 0.9 promises to be a big one, let’s hope so! I am certainly intrigued by the news, and keenly await to see the full version in all its glory.

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