New DLC content comes to Dead by Daylight in the form of Ghost Face, the latest addition is now live on Xbox One.

Hiding in the shadow’s Ghost Face is a natural stalker, who likes to stalk his prey before striking down on his victims.

The game creators have decided to have a bit of fun with their latest creation. This time, it’s you that will be playing hide and seek with the survivors. The power of Ghost Face is tied to his habit of observing and studying his prey before attacking. For that, you will need to be sneaky. You’ll be able to crouch and hide your terror radius, you will even be able to peek from behind cover. Then, once you find your target, stalking them for a few seconds will mark them and expose them. That’s when you strike!

Ghost Face is also unique for being the first license around in which the creators were allowed to create a brand-new, original character. From the sounds of it the developers had a lot of fun, with an amazing opportunity to take an iconic piece of Halloween history and build a story around it. And now you’ll be able to put on the mask on and smirk as you strike players down as the Ghost Face.

The Ghost Face DLC is available through the Xbox store, and includes the killer, his power. Three perks, and two exclusive items: The Monochrome Mania body and Silvery Steel Tactical Knife weapon.

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