Battlefield 4 has been out for some time, and DICE are well known to listen to the game’s critics. One of the many requested features was a cleaner and crisper UI, and guess what? Dice have delivered just that.

The game’s new UI looks to tidy up the menu screen into something you’ll be familiar with on the Xbox One home screen, with tiles and even a personalised message wishing you well on that day.

It’s also though that this menu will be found in Battlefield 1, so it’s a much welcomed addition. However, it’s not just visual changes in this update, as Squads have also been updated to allow spawning on your friends without too much hassle, as things run a lot more smoothly. Maps and modes will also be recommended for you, so if you’re looking to jump into a game quickly, this is the place to go.

Boot up the game now to see the new UI and menu additions.

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