XBLA hit Castle Crashers will return to Xbox One tomorrow (September 9th) remastered for the new-gen console.

The Behemoth has worked at improving its title to run at 60FPS with updated textures which are five times the size of the original.

A new mini-game called Back Off Barbarian will be introduced, which has you jumping over enemies to avoid them on each level.

If you’ve not played the original, Castle Crashers is all about saving a princess/s from evil forces. Using your arsenal of magic and weaponry, you must collect and level up your way to success.

Dan Paladin, co-founder & art director of The Behemoth, explains: “Over a year ago we started thinking about the future. Castle Crashers would disappear along with lots of other games once the ‘Last Gen’ would wave goodbye. Millions of people have enjoyed the game and written to us with such amazing experiences, it seemed like it’d be a loss to just let it vanish for any new or returning console players.”

If you owned the original, the title will be free through September 20th if you have a Gold subscription. The original version will also be coming through Backwards Compatibility soon.

1 thought on “Castle Crashers Remastered out tomorrow”
  1. I think I’m too young to have played the original, but I do like the look of this, it looks like a not too serious game, that you can just play for fun and not get too intense like a shoot em up!!!! 😛
    Nice Colours and Graphics Too….

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