Funcom has finally revealed 30 minutes of pure gameplay footage for its upcoming release of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden on Xbox later this year.

Players must take control of a team of unlikely heroes, such as Dux (a crossbow-wielding, walking, talking duck) and Bormin (a boar with serious anger issues), and help them navigate a post-human Earth with its abandoned cities, crumbling highways, and mutated monsters on every corner.

Check the gameplay footage below:

The game features a deep storyline combining strategy and the turn-based tactical combat familiar in XCOM, with real-time exploration and stealth gameplay.

Another interesting point comes on where the game originates from as it’s
based on the classic ‘Mutant’ IP that has spawned several popular pen and paper role-playing games since the 1980s, including the current ‘Mutant: Year Zero’ from Free League and Modiphius Entertainment. So it has some long history too.

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