Blue Isle Studios released a brand new trailer for their upcoming massive online sandbox RPG. The newest video, seen below, showcases the game’s building editor.

Players will be able to choose among hundreds of structural pieces to build whatever their hearts desire; such as a dream fortress or even a broomstick sports arena. The building editor can also be used to improve and enhance your fortress with magical structures such as defensive shields, attack towers, mana pools, respawn stones; just to name a few.

In Citadel: Forged With Fire building plays a vital part of gameplay as players can utilize their newly constructed building as a hideout from enemies and shelter from the elements of the ever changing world. Players can craft and customize their buildings or arenas with the extensive building editor that provides hundreds of options to mix and match and create the ultimate fortress to help you survive your enemies’ onslaught.

Citadel will launch worldwide this Fall, digitally and at retail.

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