Arabian Nights themed rogue-lite FPS City of Brass is due to leave early access and arrive on Xbox One on 4th May.

Being a rogue-lite title, players can expect procedurally generated environments over 12 stages. Randomly generated enemies and traps will be the order of the day here with the aim being to make it to the centre before time runs out.

Combat has a melee focus with the player being armed with a scimitar and a whip. The whip can be used to disarm enemies as well as pull them toward you so you can get stuck into them at close range.

The developer also touts Mixer integration if that’s your kind of thing. Viewers will be able to help or hinder the player on their journey by spawning loot or enemies.

Future plans include free and paid content.

If all this sounds like your cup of tea, keep an eye out for release on 4th May.


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