A new co-op horror game called The Blackout Club will be coming to Xbox One next year, devs Question Games has announced.

The Blackout Club is a brand new co-operative horror experience, where a group of 4 players go against a horrifying evil in a small isolated town. If you’ve played Friday 13th, then this sounds pretty similar.

You play as a group of teenagers who band together after learning they’ve all been waking up in strange places with no recollection of what happened – sometimes for stretches of several days. Recently, a close friend of theirs vanished during one of these blackouts, and the teens can’t get anyone to believe them – not the police, not their teachers, not even their parents.

Together they launch their own investigation and discover a terrifying conspiracy right below the surface of their small town. Now they must gather evidence of this monstrous secret and prove its existence to the world.

There are customisation options for your characters, including upgradeable powers. With a cooperative focus, players can coordinate diversions as a team, using shadow and sound to outwit enemies and capture their crimes on camera.

You’ll improvise with devices like drones or deployable traps to ambush the mysterious group of adults that want to drag you away to a terrible fate.  Survive long enough, and you’ll gain access to upgradeable powers to turn your enemies’ own tactics against them.

This sounds like a game that will test friendships, but we have a year to wait.

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