Spider Games have announced a brand new post-apocalyptic RPG for Xbox One called The Technomancer, which will launch in 2016.

The title which is set on Mars in a cyberpunk world follows an aspiring Technomancer threatened by the secrets of his past. Offering a range of environments, from cities lost under ice to shanties sprawled across Mars’ dusty surface.

Promised features already include action-oriented gameplay with four different skill trees focusing on three different fighting styles and the destructive electric-focused powers of the Technomancers. Players can craft new equipment, weapons and armour too, as well as recruit new companions to aid in their quest.

There will also be the chance to avoid combat situations through dialogue, building in a deeper art of communication, as you can change the way the game plays through the decisions you make. In total, there are up to five different endings for most quests, including the variation in rewards given.

Sound of interest to you? It certainly has our interest perked up.

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