It’s official, Day-Z will enter the Xbox Game Preview on 29th August according to Bohemia. It’s been in closed beta for a few weeks now and another 5000 codes were released to the public earlier this week.

Day-Z, for the uninitiated, is the original template on which all future survival style games have been based. Players spawn with no equipment on an island filled with other players but also have zombie NPCs to contend with.

It expects players to stay hydrated, eat and gather supplies to defend themselves against anything they may come up against. Players also have to contend with the weather as well as physical damage such as poisoned blood and broken limbs.

Played from 3rd person, it feels a lot like PUBG and H1Z1, with a more relaxed sandbox world to explore without the BR mode.

I’ve played a lot on PC and it has been through many changes since its inception, biggest of all being a full engine overhaul.

Since it’s gotten into Bohemia’s hands after Dean Hall, the original creator, left to pursue other projects, things have been improving but progress has still been incredibly slow. Originally announced for Xbox One back in 2015, players will finally get to see what the fuss is about. Hopefully it’s been worth the wait and it’ll be finished up reasonably quickly, we’ve been waiting for an eternity for the PC release…

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