Courtesy of GameSpot and their Gamescom coverage, we have a proper 10 minute look at some Sekiro Gameplay.

Players will be encouraged to skulk around the environment and will have access to stealth tactics like wall hugging and hanging from doorways and ledges. There’s also a nifty looking “death from above” kill mechanic that seems to dispatch basic enemies nice and quickly.

From the footage we see a bright, open environment that’s much more vertical than traditional SoulsBorne games. The grappling hook can be used to get more height and stay out of sight of enemies in order to get a better look at what’s coming ahead. It’s also pretty handy for navigating at a higher speed.

It looks like the combat itself is inspired more by the fast action of Bloodborne than Dark Souls but has a healthy dose of Tenchu thrown in for good measure. For example, the use of the axe in the initial fight with a Samurai General was very reminiscent of the way the switchblades worked in Bloodborne. You’ll still be expected to dodge and parry incoming shots and take advantage of openings so those with a penchant for a Souls Dex build will be right at home.

The lack of a stamina bar is strange but it doesn’t look like you’ll really have the opportunity to spam attacks as the larger enemies are less easy to stagger. Posture will also likely impact damage output as well as defence and recovery capabilities.

We also get a quick look at the death mechanic with the player being smashed by a mean looking ogre (not long after being thrown across the level). It appears you get a second chance to respawn where you are, if you die again and it’s back to the last checkpoint.

Here’s the gameplay…

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice launches on Xbox, PC and PS4 22nd March 2019.

(Source: GameSpot)

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