Descenders will be heading to Xbox One via the Game Preview program next week on 15th May, delivering extreme, fast-paced mountain biking action.

The game packs quite a challenge and you’ll be tumbling off your bike plenty of times, featureing a deep physics system and responsive controls, you can even pull off trick combos such as front and back flips as you speed down each mountain and strive to reach the bottom unscathed.

The worlds are procedurally-generated which means no two worlds will be the same with apparently 3.5 billion level possibilities. There are also special challenge nodes and dangerous ‘Boss Jumps’ will see even pro riders put to the test.

With each victory, you’ll unlock new Crew Members that grant upgrades and Mutators.

Descenders will be heading to Xbox One on 15th May for £19.99 with Xbox One X enhancements too.

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