Psyonix are pleased to announce cross-platform party play for Rocket League on Xbox One this summer, as a much requested feature by fans to the game.

In effect this means Xbox players can team up with players on PC or Nintendo Switch, which is a nice way to link up communities through games. Unfortunately Sony still hold a defensive stance on allowing cross-platform play with other consoles, so they’ll only be able to play with PC users for now.

To team up with Rocket League players on other platforms, you’ll register a unique in-game ID with a name and code, then you can add other players as friends on different formats by entering their ID. Once you’ve added a player to your friends list using this method, you can then pair up and party play online.

Cross-platform party support is expected to land in Rocket League this July/August.

For Rocket League’s full roadmap of updates this year, go to the dev’s latest blog post here.

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