Numerous sources are reporting that the open world Star Wars game that was in development at EA Vancouver, has now been scrapped.

The report goes on to state that people in charge at EA, took the decision to cancel the game, which was codenamed ‘Orca’, as they were looking for something that would release much sooner and ‘Orca’ was still quite early in development.  EA Vancouver are now rumoured to be working on another Star Wars related game, which will be on a smaller scale, that could possibly be released in late 2020.

This latest story marks a troubled development for ‘Orca’. The game was originally in development with Visceral Games, but EA shut the studio in 2017 and the assets moved over to EA Vancouver who gave the project a reboot.  Amy Hennig, who was directing the game at the time, also left EA shortly after the Visceral closure.

Kotaku go on to say that no layoffs have taken place due to this switch in projects and that some people, who work at EA Vancouver, are hopeful that project ‘Orca’ may be put back into development after they have completed work on their current project.

1 thought on “EA scraps open world Star Wars title”
  1. I can’t believe no news outlets have picked up on the significance of the projects code name.

    “Orca” is the correct name for a killer WHALE and a WHALE is the name given to consumers who spend obscene amounts of money.

    It’s very telling of the state of EA.

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