The new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online has launched today. Executives and Other Criminals gives players the chance to live the VIP life.

If you have over $1 million in-game you’ll be able to start your own criminal organisation.

The new expansion grants access to new player apartments and housing, including a large yacht out at sea. This will also allow you to operate at it as a base of operations. In addition to new houses, there are also new vehicles such as the armoured limousine and SuperVolito Carbon helicopter.

Players can hire bodyguards via other players, so the whole add-on becomes a team effort rather than individual.

New game modes and challenges keep things feeling fresh online too, with Hostile Takeover (fighting over a ‘package’, like a tank at Fort Zancudo), Asset Recovery (recover impounded vehicles from LSPD stations), Piracy Prevention (attack and defence aboard a Super Yacht), Executive Deathmatch (rival organisations battle with VIPs given just 10 lives), and six different VIP Challenges in Freemode all introduced.

You can get the add-on now for Xbox One.

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