Winter-themed survival title The Long Dark will receive its Story Mode next spring, with an episodic season planned on Xbox One.

Developers Hinterland has confirmed that players will player toggle between role characters: bush pilot Will Mackenzie and doctor Astrid Greenwood. The story will cycle between these two protagonists.

If you played Sandbox Mode, the gameplay mechanics will be similar to this, but there are checkpoints instead of a fresh restart if you die to the cold or creatures.

The first episode is around three or four hours long, but it launches with the freeform Sandbox Mode – already available on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview – which one can sink hundreds of hours into. Hinterland expects The Long Dark: Season One to be a roughly 10-12 hours experience spread out across a handful of additional two-three hour episodes.

One thing to bear in mind is that the price is due to increase when this releases, so it might be worth buying the title now if you haven’t already.

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