Fortnite continues to push new content with a new way to experience the title with Fortnite Creative, as part of the Season 7 launch package.

Fortnite Creative will give players the ability to design and build their own world similar to a world of Minecraft minus the blocky feel.

You’ll be free to build whatever you like using Fortnite Creative’s tools and invite friends to join you in building. If you haven’t seen any Fortnite builds, check out the screenshot below of an impressive build to give you an odea of what you can create.

From 13th December, all Fortnite Players will be able to enjoy everything that Fortnite Creative has to offer on their own private island for free. Epic is also planning to add new features and improvements to Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass owners will be able to get involved in Fortnite Creative from 6th December early on.

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