Flippin Kaktus, the action-driven platformer about a spiky hero with a thorny past from developer rage++ and publisher No Gravity Games starts his vendetta for launch TODAY on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

You had a life once, a family, a home to go back to. This all changed when the cartel raided your house. Now you’re on the run. No, you’re on the hunt. Your sister Adelita has been taken, your life ruined, and your solitaire game interrupted. Some things cannot be forgiven.


Flippin Kaktus is a brutal action-driven vendetta featuring a spiky hero with a thorny past and rage outbreaks combat style. When the vicious drug cartel raids his home, he breaks bad in a hardcore journey to save his foster family. Reveal the dark side of the wacky 80s punk and flip the switch to obliterate anyone in his path.

Experience carefully crafted levels and a story full of twists and turns, all thought up and lovingly constructed by a lone determined developer with a grand vision.



    You can choose the way you want to fight the enemies – the end justifies the extreme measures you need to jump on. Use Kaktus rage mode to make thugs get what they deserve. Fuel up with tequila and other adrenaline-pumping substances to annihilate the cartel into oblivion.


    If you don’t want to find yourself in a direct fight with the bandits without a plan, you can always use the many options available – dodge bullets, equip different armors, use the interactive environment, and set traps to get rid of enemies in a more sophisticated way. Do you prefer to do it quietly, and sabotage their actions in a sneaky way? This is the perfect option for you.


    In each of the game’s levels, you’ll find a variety of options that will allow you to take down the bad guys, whether it’s Rambo-style or by doing it more tactically. Combine both environmental effects and insane kills, or just sneak up and kill them one by one – the goal is simple – dominate them all.


    Immerse yourself directly into 11 unique beautifully hand-crafted levels inspired by Latin-American aesthetics, good old classic retro games, and critically acclaimed VHS action flicks.

  • RETRO!

    Enjoy a uniquely composed fusion of authentic mariachi, rock, and synthwave, explore artist-inspired graphic novels to engage deeper into the story, and solve all the puzzles as you connect all the dots in this thrilling desperado odyssey.

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