During yesterday’s E3 conference From Software unveiled their next Souls style RPG in the form of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Gone is the gothic architecture of Bloodborne and the medieval delights of the Dark Souls titles. Now we’ll be heading east to Japan as we fight samurai, Ronin and all manner of demons and beasts.

This time, Activision are picking up publishing duties on what looks to be a much faster experience more akin to Bloodborne. And dare I say it, there’s more than a hint of Tenchu: Stealth Assasins about it. Players will be able to traverse the environment with a hook shot and also use it during combat to clamber all over the numerous tank like enemies.

Unlike the Soulsborne games, Stealth looks like it might also be a viable option. It also looks like players will be able to leverage the verticality of the locales to get the upper hand.

Boss battles will likely return as will the systems we have when players die in Dark Souls. However, it looks like you might not have to traipse back to your point of death with the trailer showing the main character resurrecting on the spot after being felled. Does the “Die Twice” in the title imply a second chance mechanic?

As an avid fan of the work that From Software have delivered over the years, this has shot to the top of my most wanted list. It’s due for release in 2019 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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