The Division 2 has been revealed with some canned gameplay footage. Here we follow a team of players moving through a small part of the new world, engaging in some light combat and working as a team to take an objective.

Gone are the snowy streets of New York City and in their place we have Washington DC. The city is slowly being reclaimed by nature and it looks gorgeous.

Gameplay will be virtually identical to The Division with players needing to make use of tactical cover and working together to tackle the games various challenges. We got to see players move on a downed plane that looked a lot like Airforce One and fight through a small crowd of enemies. On their way they met locals, we got a little peek at the new map and they deployed some new skills like the missile swarm.

Enemies seem to also have new skills they can deploy to slow the player down. We saw one person get trapped in a foam weapon that reminded me a lot of the GLOO gun from the most recent Prey.

Key sites from the city made a small appearance and overall it looks much tidier than The Division was when it first launched. Hopefully Ubisoft have learnt from their previous missteps and we get a more solid sequel.

The game is set to launch 15th March 2019 so it’s still a while away. This is one release I’m wary of but I’m impressed by what I’ve seen.

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