Halo 5: Guardians will support micro-transactions to purchase new armour skins, weapons and vehicles.

Players will be able to purchase REQ Packs containing a small collection of in-game items using REQ Points. These points are earned by completing multiplayer matches, levelling up and completing commendation challenges.

Packs seems to be a popular option used by game devs – for example, Call of Duty added item packs to its title offering a similar thing.

Only cosmetic items will be allowed in Halo 5’s 4v4 Arena mode, but there was no mention of this for the 24-player Warzone game type. It was also not made clear if players buying premium REQ Packs will only contain cosmetic items, as power upgrades may also be available.

A proportion of the money made from packs will also go towards the Halo Championship Series prize fund.

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