It’s Monster Hunt Season in Chernobylite as the first of many Free Content Updates arrives!

Plus, fans can add a Spooky Twist to their combat with the new Autumn Dread Weapon Skins Pack, both Available Now!

Video game publisher All in! Games and development studio The Farm 51 are pleased to present the first of many Free Content Updates for Chernobylite – “Monster Hunt”. This Free Content Update introduces three brand new monsters to the deadly array of challenges in the zone, the toughest you’ll encounter yet. Each comes with its own unique abilities, so you’d better be prepared if you want to survive. Chernobylite is available now with a 20% discount on Steam.

In addition, the new Autumn Dread Pack will add some scary style to your combat with new weapon skins available for all weapon types in the game. Grab the Autumn Dread Weapon Skin Pack for PC (Steam) for just $3.99/€3.29/£2.89. The Autumn Dread Pack will come to other PC platforms as well as consoles later this year. 

For more details on the Monster Hunt update, visit Chernobylites official website via

All Early Access users will be entitled to claim the Autumn Dread Weapon Skin Pack for Free.  Are you ready to enter the 3D-scanned recreation of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone?

About Chernobylite
Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG, set in the hyper-realistic, 3D-scanned recreation of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. You’ll take on the role of Igor, a physicist and ex-employee of the Chernobyl Power Plant, returning to Pripyat to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, 30 years prior. Compete with a hostile military presence and other stalkers, face supernatural creatures as well as a harsh and unforgiving environment in your search to uncover the truth. Get ready for a thrilling adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love, and obsession. Will you survive your fears?

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