Jurassic World Evolution just got bigger, with the addition of Claire’s Sanctuary!

The temperature’s been rising, and the stakes are higher than ever, get ready for the ride of your life as you embark on an intoxicating campaign with an electrifying story-line that’s never been explored.

The all new expansion pack for Jurassic World Evolution is packed with a whole host of new missions, featuring new dinosaurs, locations and much much more to explore and unlock across the islands.

Time is running out as the once dormant Mt. Sibo is expected to erupt at any minute and is threatening to send the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar back to extinction. Join forces with Claire Dearing, voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard, as you work together on this rescue mission to save these wondrous creatures.

Also included in the DLC Claire’s Sanctuary are Dinosaurs, and you’ll gain access to three of these incredible beasts

  • Albertosaurus– a large tyrannosaur with a distinctive short bony crests above the eyes and two extremely powerful legs
  • Euplocephalus– meaning “well-armoured head”, referring to its wide skull and toothless beak
  • Ouranosaurus– a powerfully built herbivore with a flat, duck-billed snout. This dinosaur had a thick muscular sail on its back going from the base of its neck to the very tip of its tail.

Dinosaurs and story aren’t the only addition though. Now, there are brand new Paleobotany mechanics that allow you to research and grow new plants using the new Greenhouse building. You’ll be able to serve your dinosaurs their favourite meals to increase their lifespan and prestige while making them feel more at home in the environment.

Alongside the new DLC, a new free update (1.8) drops, bringing a whole assortment of fan-requested features such as:

  • Terrain and Scenery Items – Place new rocks, trees and shrubs in your dinosaur habitats or change the terrain from grass to dirt on some islands!
  • Spinosaurid Care – Spinosaurids are receiving some care refinement with the addition of wetlands to represent their swamp and coastal environments, plus new fish feeders!
  • Gyrosphere Improvements – We’ve made some changes to allow gyrospheres to pass through enclosure fences by adding automatic gates, so now you can wow your guests with a park-wide tour of all of your exhibits!
  • And more!

Jurassic World Evolution DLC titled Claire’s Sanctuary and the free update 1.8 are released on 18th June 2019, with Claire’s Sanctuary being available from the Xbox Store for £12.99/$14.99 (price may vary)

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