Outright Games has announced Jumanji: The Video Game, coming to Xbox One on 15th November, which will coincide with the film release of Jumanji 3 the following month on 13th December.

Players assume the roles of Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, and Professor Shelly Oberon as they hunt for the Jewels of Jumanji. In a typical fashion with added humour, while trying to return back home to their normal everyday lives.

The third-person adventure will include puzzle solving, avoiding deadly traps and a varirty of dangerous enemies and critters trying to kill you. Whilst playing as your group can be done solo, you can also tean up online or in split-screen with 3 other players

The characters are evidently based upon the movie actor roles in the rebooted Jumanji films, as each character has their own unique abilities. There will be also be customisation options to unlock as players progress, which will include new outfits.

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