Microsoft is constantly tinkering with the Xbox One and its features and it looks like the next update will be to its party chat feature, as it will now support up to 16 other people.

The number will also apply to parties on the Windows 10 Xbox app and you’ll be able to include your party chat with your Twitch broadcasts, which sounds great for team play games.

Other changes include backwards compatible games being listed on the Xbox One store and achievements appearing in your feed.

Game DVR clips are also being overhauled to allow the standard time as 5 minutes, rather than 15 seconds.

Avatars will also appear in your feed if you have chosen to replace your static gamerpic with your avatar. You’ll also be able to compare your avatar to your friends’.

Additionally, a new section called “Featured” will highlight games, deals and event.

So there’s plenty new coming to Xbox One. What feature are you still crying out for?

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